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Hazel has been chosen as  NEW ZEALAND REP for



(Continental Olympic Youth Qualification Event)

 Mont Dore- New Caledonia 24th May to 1st June, 2014 .

She will be holding a  Fundraiser at Crossfit Waitakere on May 10th.
There will be stations with a set weight set up and every minute or so people will go to each station and complete the lift, advancing to the next one, until they get to their maximum life or personal best. So there are 3 ways of helping to raise funds; the Give A Little page (see below), supporting an athlete e.g. $2 per station successfully completed or $1 a kilo for the max weight (if Hazel lifts 50 kilos she would get $50) or a koha (donation) on the day.
Please see the event page with all
the information:



Waitakere College is a successful, co-educational

New Zealand Secondary School located in Henderson

in the heart of West Auckland.

The three key elements of the Waitakere Way - Learning, Caring and Respect  - guide our planning to ensure that each student is able to 'be the best they can be'.

As a college, we are ahead of the national averages for Merit and Excellence awards in Level 1, Level 2 NCEA and Scholarship in Level 3.

Courses on offer cater for the variety of student needs, from local students' learning an international language to international students learning English for pathways to university.

Initiatives for Year 9/10 Students

    • Weekly report cards to update academic progress
    • Gifted and Talented programme 'Shine" for very able students
    • Targeted literacy classes to assist students
    • Accelerated programmes to do NCEA
    • Sports Academies
    • Opportunity to compete in many sporting and cultural activities


Initiatives for Year 11/12/13 students

  • Achievers' Assemblies acknowledging seniors who achieve in their year group
  • After school homework centre with tutors
  • Monitoring and Mentoring of NCEA progress throughout each year to ensure success
  • Gateway programme to apprenticeships and tertiary institutions
  • Leadership opportunities via sports, mentoring and cultural activities

 "Achievement for All".   

Congratulations to Evonne Cheng (below centre) – Dux Litterarum 2013